O h meow there!😸 I’m Poulet The Cat and this is my very own catblog! First of all I like to thank you for taking the time to get to know me😻

I am a little cat living in the catsome city of Zwolle in the Netherlands, I was born in a different place but unfortunately I can’t remember since I was so little.. When I was old enough to leave my mom and start my very own cat life I was given to a lovely human girl called Liz. I remember the first day I came there, it was a special day because it was the birthday of Liz and I was the present🙀

She had another cat called Vue, she was a little cranky😸 On the same day I met a human called Sander who is now my human😼 I remember that he always puts me on his shoulders and I sat there for hours! For the first time I could see the life off a human through his eyes.